Our Privacy Policy

In this day and age, it is important that we all be concerned about what is happening to our personal information that we give out.  Because we realise how essential it is that our clients are feel 100% confident that everything we do is in their best interests, we take our privacy policy very seriously.  We unconditionally promise that we will never share your personal details with any other organisation or individual. 

Any information that you provide us, (eg. newsletters, 7 day email mini-course, ordering program) is kept 100% confidential and is used only for the purpose you intended (except of course, in the unusual circumstance that we would be required to by law.)

We do use cookies, but only to track the behaviour of groups of users visiting the web site, not individual users.  And we do not attach the cookie to any personal information you provide us with.

In other words ... you can feel 100% confident that your visit to our site is absolutely private, confidential and totally anonymous!


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