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Chronic inflammation

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Chronic inflammation, especially chronic systemic inflammation (which means affecting your entire body), is mainly caused by the food we eat, especially our modern diet that is full of processed foods and junk foods, as well as just generally being surrounded by toxins in our day to day life.

When we eat the SAD diet (Standard American Diet), which is a diet based largely on junk foods and processed foods, our bodies become very acidic. This in turn causes massive inflammation throughout the body and triggers many lifestyle health conditions and diseases.  The more alkaline foods we eat, the more we are able to counteract the negative effect of these acidic foods as well as help our body to detoxify toxins.

Our bodies are inherently smart and will do everything in its power to keep you healthy, but in mankind's history our bodies have never experienced the high level of toxins that currently bombard our bodies every single day. 

From the food we eat, to the air we breathe, the water we drink (and all the other unhealthy drinks like soft drinks, alcohol, etc.), the skin care products we use and even the clothes we wear and the furniture in our offices and homes, we are constantly surrounded by man made items that impact our bodies in negative ways.

So to cope with this onslaught, our bodies have an inbuilt defense mechanism to keep us safe and to stop these toxins from poisoning us. And to do that the body stores these toxins in a (relatively) safe place so that the toxins don't travel around the body through our blood stream and get deposited into our organs ... and that safe place is in our fat cells.

So even though, as a society, we are concerned about the current obesity rates, the extra fat we are carrying is actually keeping us safe from harm! But that doesn't mean it is the optimal way to live!

It is much better if we decrease the toxic load on our bodies and eat a highly nutritious diet that will give our body all the nutrients it needs to keep us healthy. And if we already have a toxic build up in our bodies, doing an occasional detox cleanse is a great way to release these toxins and lose fat in the process.

Detox to the rescue!

But as I'm sure you know, there are tons of detox programs on the market, so which is the best one to follow?

My personal opinion is that an all-juice fast detox is not a healthy way to detox because it is too intense and you will often lose fat quickly, which in turn releases the toxins stored there. That may sound like a good thing, but it may be overwhelming to the body to do it too quickly. That's why people often get a lot of detox symptoms like headaches and nausea.

And the danger is that if the toxins are released too quickly and your body's detoxification pathways are overloaded, instead of the toxins being eliminated from the body, they just recirculate around the body and get deposited into the brain and various organs, causing a lot of damage and extra inflammation.

My suggestion is to follow a Detox Program that is gentler and safer and that focuses on supporting your detoxification pathways so that the toxins can be safely eliminated from the body, mainly through the liver, kidneys and bowel movements.

And to do that, it is better to eat healthy, highly nutritious foods, especially fruits, vegetables, healthy essential fatty acids, herbs and spices and healthy protein. And if a lot of this food is alkaline in nature, that will also be very effective in detoxing and decreasing inflammation.

Anti-Inflammatory Super Foods Report

And that's where eating Anti-Inflammatory Super Foods that are alkaline in nature comes in!

These super foods are extremely nutritious and high in vitamins and nutrients and are a crucial step in supporting your body's detoxification pathways.

But even if you don't follow an actual Detox Program, eating these foods will still have a huge positive impact on your health and wellness. 

This Anti-Inflammatory Super Foods Report is included in the Detox Programs, but because this is such an important topic, I decided to offer the report to anyone who is interested, FREE of charge!

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