What Could Cause Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Pain

So what kind of things could cause fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is not an easy condition to diagnose because there are many things that might cause fibromyalgia.  That is one of the greatest frustrations of this condition, both for patients and practitioners.

This condition seems to have cropped up only in the last few decades, which makes me think that our modern lifestyle has something to do with the development of this condition.  In particular, I think all toxins and chemicals that surround us daily has a great impact on our health in general and that this would also have an impact on our cells, muscles, tissues in a negative way and result in increased pain and inflammation … or in a word, fibromyalgia.

In my own personal case, I found this condition to be very puzzling since it seemed to come out of nowhere.  Generally speaking, I considered myself to be a very healthy person and then when I hit my 40’s things seemed to change rather quickly and I developed a lot of different health symptoms and conditions, including fibromyalgia.

That started me researching this condition extensively so that I could find answers to what caused it as well as to find natural fibromyalgia remedies.  (Personally, I don’t believe that the pain medications that are usually given to fibromyalgia sufferers helps much and I have always been more interested in finding natural fibromyalgia remedies.)

And in my search for answers, I asked a lot of questions about what could cause fibromyalgia like...

  • Does stress cause fibromyalgia?
  • Does Vitamin D deficiency cause it?
  • Does Candida cause fibromyalgia?
  • Does Insulin Resistance cause fibromyalgia?
  • Does Leaky Gut Syndrome cause it?
  • Does an unbalanced Gut Microbiome cause fibromyalgia?
  • Do food sensitivities or intolerances cause it?
  • Does Magnesium deficiency cause fibromyalgia?
  • Does inflammation cause it?
  • Do sleep disorders like sleep apnea or insomnia cause fibromyalgia?
  • Does edema or water retention cause fibromyalgia?
  • Does Fatty Liver or sluggish detoxification pathways cause fibromyalgia?

And do you know what I found?...

I found that, at least in my case, ALL of the above had a hand in developing this condition and they all seemed to feed off each other and trigger vicious cycles that spiralled out of control.  (My detox programs go into more detail about these causes of fibromyalgia.)

In particular, for me food sensitivities or food intolerances seems to play a major role increasing my fibromyalgia pain, especially since these food sensitivities seem to interfere with my natural detoxification pathways and triggers Fatty Liver and sluggish liver function.  It also triggers a Leaky Gut Syndrome in me, which again increases inflammation throughout my body.

Detox Programs to the rescue!...

That’s why, when I follow my detox programs (either the Fibromyalgia or the Fatty Liver detox programs), I get tremendous relief from chronic pain and edema, especially in my extremities.

Both of these programs focuses on eating a highly nutritious diet, free of chemicals and preservatives found in processed food and also free of the major food intolerances most people have problems with.

My doctor has run tests for food intolerances and the ones that I have the worst reactions to are:

  • Eggs
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Dairy
  • Gluten

Plus quite a few more minor food intolerances.

Most people that have food intolerances do find that eggs, dairy and gluten as well as soy and corn are the usual suspects and find that if they eliminate these foods, they see a huge improvement in various health symptoms.

Elimination Diets...

If you don’t want to have the tests run, you could always just do an elimination diet where you take out these foods for a few weeks and then re-introduce them one at a time and take a note if any symptoms flare up.  I did that with dairy and gluten and found I felt so much better off these foods.

But I must admit, it never occurred to me to eliminate eggs, garlic and ginger, so for that reason I am glad that I had my doctor run the test.  He did an “ELISA” IgG test that tested 90 foods and I had mild to severe reactions to 30 of them!  The initials “IgG” stand for Immunoglobulin G and this is an antibody that your immune system produces.

Some people confuse this with “IgE” antibodies, which are what the body produces when you have a food allergy rather than a food sensitivity.  (This is when you get a severe, or even life-threatening, reaction to a food.)

Once I started to follow my detox program plus eliminate these food intolerances from my diet I experienced a huge reduction in my pain levels and I even completed reversed an acid reflux condition that I have suffered from for over 30 years!  (Dairy is my main trigger for the acid reflux.  And I was even able to get off of a Proton Pump Inhibitor medication that I had been taking for almost 15 years which I believe contributed to the Leaky Gut Syndrome I have.)

And that’s why I’ve created this website and the Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia Program.  I want to share with others what has worked for me in the hope that it will help them too…

Introducing the NEW "Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia" Program...

And unlike a lot of other programs out there, this Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia is easy to follow because it is centred around healthy principles of nutrition and eating healthy, delicious whole foods ... and yes, it even encourages you to eat healthy fat!

So what benefits can you expect from this Program?

When I follow this program I am able to …

  • Greatly reduce or eliminate pain, including plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy
  • Increase my energy levels greatly
  • Sleep better and deeper, waking up more refreshed and getting up less during the night to go to the bathroom
  • Experience less episodes of insomnia (both having problems falling asleep and waking up during the night and not being able to fall back to sleep)
  • Hugely reduce or even eliminate back and neck pain
  • Reduce bloating and water retention
  • Eliminate muscle cramps (I have been suffering from feet and leg cramps since I was a teenager, but when I follow this program, it all stops!)
  • I was even able to reverse my Type II diabetes! 
  • More benefits you can expect… 
  • Do you have gas and acid reflux?  If so, this program will help greatly to reduce or totally eliminate these symptoms!
  • If you have struggled with your weight, you can expect to lose weight on this program.  (And strangely enough, if you need to gain weight, that will happen!  Basically, your body will rebalance itself to your natural set-point.)
  • And much more…

Fibromyalgia Detox Diet

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