Learn How to Control Diabetes with Diet ... Naturally!

In the "Fatty Liver Detox Program", you will learn how to control diabetes with diet the healthy way.

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There is a lot of controversy in the marketplace regarding the optimal diabetes diet plans that diabetics should follow to control diabetes and keep their blood sugar levels stable.

Most of these diabetes diet plans are centered around the principles of balancing macronutrients to keep the blood sugar levels stable.  Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be a lot of consensus around which diet works best.  For instance, should you follow a low carbohydrate diet, a high carbohydrate diet, a low-fat diet, a high-fat diet, a high-protein diet, and so on and so on.

I think that the main problem with the following any of these types of diabetes diets without taking other factors into account is that everybody is unique and what works for one person may not work for somebody else.  I know that this can be very frustrating because we all want somebody to just hand us a protocol to follow that will fix all of our problems and reverse our diabetes.

This program addresses the root cause…

I think one of the worst problems with choosing just a dietary and/or exercise program to follow is that this does not address the root cause of what has caused the diabetic condition in the first place.

There has been a lot of excitement in the area of research into the gut and the gut micro biome to try to find the answers and the root causes of not just diabetes but of many lifestyle diseases which in many cases has a root cause that can be traced back to gut dysbiosis.

That is why this website is centered around using detox diets to improve our health and reverse different lifestyle diseases, including diabetes. These detox diets focus on rebalancing imbalances in the gut micro biome which in turn affects every different part of our body including our hormonal system and even our brain.

In many cases gut dybiosis will trigger a leaky gut condition, which in turn will leak partially digested food particles into the bloodstream which in turn revs up the immune system to attack these foreign particles called antigens.  This leads to increased inflammation throughout the entire body which also impacts our hormonal systems causing conditions like insulin resistance and diabetes.

In taking this approach to healing gut imbalances and leaky gut conditions, the detox programs work at attaining a balance of good and bad bacteria in our gut which in turn impacts our health in a positive way, especially by reducing inflammation throughout the body ... and yes, even control diabetes.

There are a number of ways to successfully rebalance the gut micro flora, including herbs, supplements, stress management, exercise and most importantly of all, following a highly nutritious diet that includes prebiotic foods, including fermented foods, to feed healthy gut bacteria and bring the gut micro biome back into balance.

There are many reasons why our gut micro biome has gotten out of balance in the first place, but I would say that living in our toxic world plays a big part.  This is especially true when it comes to the food that we eat.  Eating fast food, junk food and highly processed foods has now become the norm in our day-to-day life rather than cooking healthy, highly nutritious whole foods like our mothers and grandmothers did in the past.

And now, let's learn more about a truly healthy way to control Diabetes with diet ... specifically the "Fatty Liver Detox Program"... Worried about your excess weight increasing the risk of many lifestyle diseases, especially Diabetes?

It is true that excess weight can indeed increase the risk of many diseases, especially diabetes ... so why not tip the scales in your favor by losing the weight and getting healthier at the same time!

A person's risk of developing Diabetes increases when they are overweight, as the body often becomes resistant to insulin. (Their risk also increases if there is a history of diabetes in their family.) When blood sugar (or glucose) rises, insulin moves the glucose into the cells ... dropping the blood sugar level again. When a person is insulin resistant, cells resist the entry of glucose.

Why is insulin resistance a problem? ...

This means that in overweight people, blood sugar stays in the bloodstream for longer periods of time after eating. When the unfit muscle cells reject the glucose, it is then picked up by the fat cells and stored as fat.

When this happens, the body’s cells become more and more inclined to store fat and less to releasing fat. This makes weight loss more and more difficult as time goes on, leaving overweight people with very little hope of stopping this vicious cycle. Insulin resistance usually develops gradually ... often people may have high blood sugar levels for years without knowing it. The longer a person has insulin resistance, the higher their risk of developing Diabetes is. This program will teach you how to control diabetes with diet, which is the most beneficial way to control diabetes, particularly in the early stages.  As a matter of fact, in many cases, not only can you effectively control diabetes with diet, but you can often reverse it! 

Excessive insulin also triggers intense food cravings, especially for sweets ...

Insulin resistance increases the body’s fat storing capabilities ... and the more body fat that gets stored, the more insulin resistant your body becomes. Once you’re caught in this vicious cycle, your probability of developing Type II Diabetes is greatly increased. That's why it is so important to lose weight and keep it off for life (but HOW you lose weight is even more important ... )

Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics: Imagine how you would feel being able to control diabetes with diet and stabilise your blood sugar levels ... decreasing your risk of diabetic complications ...

The longer you are overweight and have elevated blood sugar levels and insulin resistance, the higher your risk of developing Type II Diabetes becomes. Lowering blood sugar count and insulin levels to control diabetes goes a long way towards improving your body's resistance to insulin. This in turn decreases your risk of developing Type II Diabetes.

The people most at risk for developing Type II Diabetes are those who have a family history, are over 40, are overweight, are insulin resistant, are not fit, have high blood pressure or have had diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes).

Over time this condition of high blood sugar and hyperinsulinism will cause complications if you are diabetic, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood vessel blockage in the heart, blood vessel blockage in the brain (stroke), blood vessel blockage to the legs, kidney damage, and nerve damage and eye damage (retinopathy).

So how do you know if you have diabetes or are at a higher risk of developing diabetes? Check out these common symptoms of diabetes:

  • Dry mouth and increased, excessive thirst
  • Increased urination, particularly at night
  • Fatigue
  • Increased hunger
  • Food cravings (especially for refined carbohydrates)
  • Irritability or mood swings
  • Tingling or numbness in hands or feet
  • And blurry vision

For more symptoms of diabetes and quizzes you can answer to check out your risk of developing various lifestyle diseases, CLICK HERE.

If you are at risk, you can reduce your risk by losing weight healthily, exercising, restricting sugar and following the information in our healthy diabetic diet, the "Fatty Liver Detox Program".

If you are already diabetic, following the information in the "Fatty Liver Detox Program" Program can be very beneficial in maintaining tight control by lowering blood sugar levels. Optimally, this means keeping your blood sugar levels below 8 mmol. (But remember, unhealthy low carbohydrate diabetic diets is NOT the way to go!)

There are different stages of Type II diabetes:

  • The early stages are controlled through diet without medication.
  • As diabetes progresses, blood sugar levels are controlled with medication (in pill form) that helps insulin work better.
  • Advanced stages of diabetes require insulin shots to control diabetes and augment diminishing insulin levels or to replace insulin if insulin production has ceased.

It is important for anyone with Diabetes and taking diabetic medication to be under the close supervision of their physician while following the "Fatty Liver Detox Program".

Why is that? ...

Because in most cases following the "Fatty Liver Detox Program" will lower their blood sugar levels, causing their body to need less insulin.

"No more wild blood sugar fluctuations! At long last, a healthy weight loss program that doesn't just teach you how to lose weight ... but also how to manage and control your diabetes (or reduce your risk of developing diabetes)!"

This means that medication dosages will have to be adjusted to compensate for this ... otherwise there will be too much insulin for the blood sugar levels, triggering hypoglycaemic episodes.

If your body still produces insulin but it doesn’t use it efficiently, (as in insulin resistance), there is still a chance that following the "Fatty Liver Detox Program" will improve your body’s resistance to insulin to the point where you can reduce your medication substantially ... or even improve the diabetic condition so that you manage the diabetes through diet only without medication.

You achieve this by eating a healthy nutrition plan centred around reducing the amount of circulating glucose and insulin ... and losing weight in the process. There are also supplements that are effective in stabilising blood sugar levels, improving both insulin resistance and helping to lose weight and lose fat. (All this is covered in the "Fatty Liver Detox Program")

But if your diabetes has progressed to the point where your body no longer produces insulin, the best you can achieve is to reduce the amount of insulin needed by stabilising your blood sugar levels. At this stage, you will always need to take insulin shots to replace the insulin your body no longer manufactures.

"Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Unlike other unhealthy diabetic diets that leave you feeling tired and listless, this program will boost your energy and vitality, help to get rid of those niggling aches and pains, and leave you feeling like a new person!"

Why is it important to control Diabetes with diet?

It is very important to control Diabetes with diet because over time high blood glucose levels and high insulin levels are very damaging to the body. The following is just a short list of the health problems caused by high glucose levels and high insulin levels:

  • high blood pressure,
  • high cholesterol,
  • blood vessel blockage in the heart,
  • blood vessel blockage in the brain (stroke),
  • blood vessel blockage to the legs (which may lead to amputation of limbs),
  • kidney damage, 
  • nerve damage (which also may lead to amputation of limbs) and
  • eye damage (retinopathy), which leads to blindness.

As a matter of fact, people don't actually die of the disease "diabetes", they die of complications caused by diabetes, which in fact is even more dangerous because there are so many different health problems caused by this disease. 

As you can see, controlling diabetes is very important for your health. 

In fact, often it is not only possible to control diabetes with diet, but to actually reverse diabetes or insulin resistance.  All it takes is learning a few easy strategies ... and the "Fatty Liver Detox Program" will teach you how! 

With the "Fatty Liver Detox Program", you will have all the tools you need to stabilise your blood sugar levels, eliminate food cravings and even lose weight (if you need to!).  One of the worst metabolic problems with insulin resistance and diabetes is that it triggers weight gain and fat storage, so following this program will not only teach you how to manage these conditions, but how to combat future weight gain.

Stop Food Cravings ... Forever!

Introducing the NEW and Improved "Fatty Liver Detox Program"...

You will find this new Detox Liver Program so easy to follow because food cravings will be eliminated and you will not be hungry. Why?  Because the more nutrients you eat, the more your brain chemistry will be balanced, which in turn causes food cravings and hunger to disappear.  This program will teach you everything you need to know to control diabetes with diet, naturally and healthily as well as reverse leptin resistance, detoxify your liver and re-balance your gut microbiome!

I felt the difference right away when I started following this program.  Within 24 hours I could tell my brain chemicals had balanced because the food cravings disappeared and I could easily eat a balanced nutritious diet and never feel the need to overeat.  Even if I was hungry, when I ate my meal, I would be satisfied and not need to eat anymore.  Before, it didn't seem to matter how much I ate, I always felt this gnawing hunger.

That's why the New and Improved "Fatty Liver Detox Program" is so powerful.  The food cravings are eliminated and your brain chemicals are re-balanced so that you feel motivated, relaxed and happy about eating healthy and re-establishing your body's natural state of health and fitness.

Now, even though the original Detox Program was very effective for weight loss and detoxification, this new research on the effect of inflammation on our bodies means I have made some changes to the program to combat both these problems ... and these improvements make this program better than ever!

Basically, if you can eliminate the inflammation in your body, you can not only lose weight, you can re-activate your body’s natural “weight stabilisation mechanism” which means you can stop dieting and yet maintain your healthy set-point weight naturally and effortlessly, which also helps to reverse Insulin Resistance and Diabetes!"

Read on to see how the "Fatty Liver Detox Program" incorporates strategies to help to reverse Insulin Resistance and control Diabetes with diet ...

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Fatty Liver Detox Diet

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