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Cysts on Ovaries Cause Weight Gain! ...

Yes, that's right ... cysts on ovaries have been implicated, along with Insulin Resistance and Estrogen Dominance, as a major contributor to obesity! What exactly are cysts on ovaries (commonly known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS is a syndrome that includes many small cysts on the ovaries. A cyst is a small fluid filled sac (like a balloon) that may be found on an Ovary. In most cases, they are benign and not cancerous.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is also tied into the vicious cycle of insulin resistance and hormonal imbalances including higher than normal levels of estrogen and testosterone, and lower than normal levels of progesterone. This often predisposes one to Estrogen Dominance with all the inherent symptoms thereof.

In many cases, finding cysts on ovaries (or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS) goes hand in hand with Insulin Resistance and Estrogen Dominance and in fact is often the root of these problems.

The biggest concern with cysts on ovaries (PCOS) is that this syndrome often causes weight gain ... but worse than that is that the weight is very difficult to lose. So, if you find you have stubborn excess weight that no matter how hard you try, you either can't lose the weight or very quickly gain it back .... PCOS may be at the root of the problem.

Ovarian Cyst Syndrome / PCOS is called a syndrome, which is not the same as a disease. A syndrome exists because of a series of related symptoms. Typically, you have to have a certain number of ovarian cyst symptoms present to be diagnosed with a PCOS syndrome.

How do you know if you have cysts on ovaries or PCOS?

Of course, actually having cysts on ovaries is a main ovarian cyst symptom of this syndrome, but there are many ovarian cyst symptoms that will give you a better indication of having PCOS.

How do you know if you have PCOS?  Interestingly enough, even though the syndrome is called “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome”, it is not always necessary (although very common) to have the multiple cysts on the ovaries to have the condition.  You can have an ultrasound test done, but even if you don’t have any cysts, you can still have some of the symptoms of the syndrome and still be considered to have PCOS. 

So in actual fact, it is the symptoms that you exhibit that are a better indication of whether or not you have the condition.  (Of course, it is rare to exhibit all these symptoms!)  And what are the symptoms? 

- Irregular periods, cessation of periods, or very light and infrequent periods

- Obesity

- Depression

- High cholesterol

- High blood pressure

- Acne

- Oily skin

- Infertility

- Recurrent miscarriages

- Decreased sex drive

- Hirsutism (excessive hair on the face and body)

- Fatigue

- Lack of mental alertness

- Mood swings, irritability

- Hair loss, excessive thinning of hair or balding

- Abnormal vaginal bleeding

- Skin tags

- Lack of ovulation

- Fibrocystic ovaries (not necessary to the PCOS diagnosis)

- Estrogen Dominance is mainly determined by low levels of progesterone and higher levels of estrogen and testosterone (refer to previous section for a list of common symptoms).  Testosterone is the most commonly known male hormone (male hormones are known collectively as androgens).

- Insulin Resistance (see below for symptoms of these conditions).  (Note:  High levels of insulin increase levels of testosterone, which is a main component of PCOS.)

What causes cysts on ovaries?

Although the health community has known about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS for over 60 years, researchers are still not exactly sure what causes PCOS. The most probable hypothesis is that PCOS has a genetic, inherited basis and runs in families. Family members do not necessarily have to have been diagnosed with cysts on ovaries for this condition to be inherited.

Researchers seem to agree that the tendency to develop cysts on ovaries / PCOS doesn’t seem to be related to one "PCOS gene", but rather that the inherited tendency to develop cysts on ovaries / PCOS seems to come from the cumulative effects of several different genes that interact with each other in such a way to bring about this syndrome. And again, just because you may have genetically inherited the "tendency" to develop cysts on ovaries / PCOS, does not necessarily mean that you will. Once the tendency is there, environmental factors have to be added to the mix to get the final result of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS. An analogy might be that you can build a fire with logs, kindling and paper, but unless you put a match to it, it won’t catch fire.

Insulin Resistance seems to be the main "key pin" in this syndrome, so if your entire life, you ate a nutritionally sound and balanced diet, and you exercised regularly then the chances are that you probably would not develop Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS because this lifestyle helps to keep your insulin mechanisms working properly.

If on the other hand, you upset the hormone balance in your body by living a lifestyle that included things like excessive exposure to xenoestrogens, excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol, excessive stress, over-eating unhealthy food, taking birth control pills or overloading your liver with toxins, you may find that you will develop Estrogen Dominance.

If you do develop Estrogen Dominance, then the excess estrogen may start to trigger weight gain, which as time goes on starts to trigger a vicious circle that once again can trigger Insulin Resistance and then Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / PCOS, especially since the genetically inherited predisposition to developing Insulin Resistance is already there. The Estrogen Dominance also triggers hormonal imbalances between Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. (Usually Estrogen and Testosterone are higher than normal and Progesterone is lower than normal. The higher level of Testosterone is what causes symptoms like hirsutism, hair loss and acne.)

So, as you can see there are many variables involved in PCOS and whether or not you will develop it:

  • Genetic

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Estrogen Dominance (High Estrogen and Testosterone and low Progesterone levels)

  • Obesity

  • Environmental toxins

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Stress

Unfortunately, the typical lifestyle in western society is not very healthy and it is very difficult to live a life that doesn’t include unhealthy diets, too little exercise, too much stress and environmental toxins. These lifestyles are all too common in our world today. But the good news is that now that you know what this lifestyle is doing to your health, you can make the choice to change your life and improve your health.


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