Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

So what are some fun ways to relieve stress and what kind of stress relief tips can you expect to find in the printable “Stress Relief Kit” that will help you to relieve stress and organize your life?

In this day and age it is impossible to live without stress, but it is possible to learn some fun ways to relieve stress and some simple stress relief tips so that we can remove its negative impact on our health.

Many people have to deal with amazing amounts of stress and pressure in our increasingly fast-paced life.  We have so many worries to cope with – financial, our children’s futures, our relationships, our careers (or lack thereof); the list goes on and on.   

Scientific research has been clear about warning us about the negative effects of prolonged stress, but I think many people think it’s just a lot of hype.  It’s not.  The effects of stress are long reaching.  The problem is that it can take years to see the results manifest in disease. 

Although in many ways our modern life has improved incredibly thanks to technological advances, thanks to the fast-paced life and stressors that have come along with these technological advances we have had to pay a steep price …

 … our health!

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So how does stress affect our health?..

We are making quantum leaps in the areas of science and medicine, especially genetics.  The lifespan of the average human is much longer than ever in the history of our civilization.

And yet, although we live longer, has our quality of life really improved?  Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more …are rampant and ever-increasing …

Thanks to modern technology, we no longer work as hard as our ancestors physically, but even with all the time-saving and work-saving gadgets we have, everyone is working longer hours and living under more pressure and stress than ever before.

Instead of our lives becoming easier, they have become more complicated … with stress and pressure the norm in our lives.

And somehow we expect through all this that our bodies will continue performing for us efficiently, healthily and with lots of energy and vitality!  We complain about our “bad luck” when our bodies start to give out on us … developing diseases … or even just making us look and feel older than our time.

We’ve been conditioned to expect the scientific community and medical research scientists to come up with a miracle cure or pill to erase the years of unhealthy stressful living and cure us of all our health problems … giving us a longer lifespan with quality of life, too.

Even though I think the scientific community has made tremendous advances, I think each of us would be better off taking personal responsibility for our own health and welfare.  We must learn to take the steps required to live a healthy life, focusing on preventing health problems, instead of running to doctors to “fix” us after the fact … after the disease has manifested itself.

And there are definitely things we can do to accomplish this … we can take back control of our life and make the choices that will enhance our health … mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. And yes, there are lots of fun ways to relieve stress that we can use so that we don’t have to take medications that usually come with lots of nasty side-effects.

So, what are some fun ways to relieve stress?...

There are many relaxation techniques for stress that are available to help us to cope with stress and reduce it to a level that is manageable. And yes, there are even fun ways to relieve stress, like playing with pets or children, listening to music or watching a funny movie.  (The e-books that come with the Stress Relief Kit outline many different stress relief tips and focus on fun ways to relieve stress.) 

The main premise of this Stress Relief Kit is that organizing your life and setting out your goals as well as the clear and actionable steps required to achieve these goals is a powerful and fun way to reduce your stress levels and start controlling your life instead of having your life control you!

And as well as the planners and trackers that come with the Stress Relief Kit*, there are also lots of fun adult coloring templates included for those quiet stress-reducing "me-times"!

And there is a lovely report that focuses on the stress healing powers of relaxing baths that gives you some wonderful bath recipes plus another report that focuses on the stress busting power of aromatherapy which includes essential oil recipes!

*Note: The Stress Relief Kit is a downloadable digital set of printable planner pages, tracker pages and journals. There is no physical product, it is instantly downloaded to your PC and you can print out the pages, either on your own printer, or take it to your local print shop. The pages can be printed in full page format, and there are some pages that are in half-page format.

So what do you get with "The Stress Relief Kit"?

“The Stress Relief Kit” is unlike any other Organizer / Planner on the market.

Most planners only have a couple of different pages with mainly a to do list and daily schedule pages, but the Stress Relief Kit is very different because it has been formulated with a focus on goal setting, planning and organizing your life in all aspects to help you gain back control of your life.

This planner helps you to feel happier and grateful for all the positive things in your life, as well as inspiring you to reflect on your inner state, all while exploring and setting out your most important goals to achieve. And so that you don't feel overwhelmed, the weekly tracker pages help you to keep track of the actionable steps required to meet these goals so you can get a clear picture of your progress.

This planner not only helps you to achieve your professional goals but also helps you to explore your inner states of happiness and gratitude and helps you to connect with your core values so that you can attract and manifest the life you've always wanted to live.

This isn't just a scheduler - it's a Life Planner! 

It focuses on awareness of your life and goals and it empowers you with the knowledge that you can plan out and achieve your goals.

This goal planner gives you the tools you need to plan out your most important goals as well as the actionable steps you need to take to achieve those goals. This helps to motivate you to continue progressing until you achieve your goals. 

Included are also planners to help you to identify the best new habits to embrace to help you to achieve your goals, as well as weekly trackers to help motivate you to incorporate these new habits in your daily life. 

Here's a breakdown of what you'll get with "The Stress Relief  Kit"? 

  • 21 printable goal setting planner pages and tracker pages (also includes some half-page planner pages)
  • 2 printable calendars (one of them including 13 adult coloring templates)
  • 4 beautiful, inspirational and printable journals (1 of which includes adult coloring templates) 
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Quiet Reflections Journal
  • Inspirational Journal (with 21 Adult Coloring Templates)
  • Happiness Journal
  • 1 printable Mandala Adult Coloring book including 24 adult coloring templates
  • Total of 58 adult coloring templates
  • All pages are without watermarks
  • The four journals are meant to be used in conjunction with “The Stress Relief Kit” in order to have an easy way to keep track of your daily reflections, achievements, successes and inspirations. And these beautiful templates make it easy to be inspired by all the positive things in your life.

    Here is a breakdown of the goal setting, planner and tracker pages:
    1. Goal Setting pages:
    - Goal planner
    - Personal Growth Planner
    - Spiritual Growth Planner
    - Healthy Habits Planner
    2. Goal Tracker pages:
    - Goal Tracker
    - Healthy Habits Weekly Tracker
    - Personal Growth Tracker
    - Self-Care Tracker
    - Spiritual Growth Tracker
    - Symptom Progress
    - Top 10 Symptom Tracker
    - Plan of Action
    - Plan of Action to Change Your Habits
    3. Miscellaneous:
    - To do list
    - Daily Organizer 
    - Gratitude page
    4. Half-page Planner pages:
    - Spiritual Growth Weekly Tracker
    - Healthy Habits Weekly Tracker
    - Personal Growth Weekly Tracker
    - Self-Care Tracker
    - Goal Weekly Tracker

Click here to see samples of these pages...

goal planner pages
goal planner pages
goal planner pages

And much more!...

Bonus e-books...

Also included in the Stress Kit are 3 e-books that outline many stress relief tips to help you to incorporate fun ways to relieve stress including relaxation techniques for stress and there are also instructions to help you to get the most out of the planners.

Whereas before it was thought that stress only impacted our moods or emotions, now the scientific community is finally recognising stress as having a tremendous effect on every aspect of our lives, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

And they are also finally recognising the health benefits of spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, tai chi and more as having a major impact on our health and well-being, instead of being thought of a “woo-woo airy-fairy” practices!

The Stress Buster Techniques to Relieve Stress e-book outlines many powerful yet fun ways to relieve stress to help you to not only reduce stress in your life, but to help to reverse many life-style diseases that are triggered by excess stress. That list is very long and includes diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid imbalances, Auto-immune diseases and pain and inflammation syndromes like Fibromyalgia and more.

This lovely little e-book has some wonderful Bath Oils recipes for you to try out! Relaxation baths are a wonderful way to de-stress after a stressful day.

And not only will you de-stress, but the bath oil recipes are different blends of essential oils, which are known for their health giving properties.

And last but not least is a wonderful short e-book outlining some fantastic essential oil recipes designed to give you the ultimate stress relief!

Essential oils have long been known for their health giving properties, as well as calming emotions and helping to quiet racing minds. And they smell wonderful!


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So in essence you are getting a 200% Money-Back Guarantee ... 100% of your money back PLUS you get to keep the Kit! You can't get fairer than that!

Bottom line: You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Geri Richard

P.S. Remember that the no questions asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee means that you have absolutely no-risk and nothing to lose. (You even get to keep the Kit, no matter what, as my thank you for trying it out!) So why wait? Why not start organizing your life by Goal Planning and tracking your successes ... TODAY?

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