So What Is My Best Tip to Lose Weight?

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Best tip to lose weight...

Nowadays, there are a huge number of weight loss programs out there. 

And I spent almost 20 years yo-yo dieting following many different types of weight loss programs.  But I learnt something very important from doing this…

Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work!

Yes, I was successful at losing weight … I probably lost hundreds of pounds over the years, but I always gained it right back, plus more!

Unfortunately however, all this losing and regaining weight started to take a toll on my health and I found that I had developed an impressive list of health problems over the years!

Click here for an impressive list of symptoms I’ve developed over the years that I contribute to my yo-yo dieting … always chasing that best tip to lose weight!

This is what started me on my path of research into many different health conditions and the healthy detox programs in this website are combination of 15 years of research and much of my own personal trial and error. 

The reason why I created this website was because I was able to manage and even reverse many of the health conditions and symptoms that I suffered from for many years with my healthy Detox Programs and I wanted to share this with others who are in the same boat that I was.

So what is my best tip to lose weight?

Don’t follow unhealthy lose-weight-quick diets and instead focus on eating healthy, nutritious food and incorporating gentle exercise into your daily life so that you can improve your health and avoid developing many lifestyle diseases … or if that has already started, let a healthy diet bring to back to your optimum health … and the optimum weight for YOU.

In this website I have created two different detoxification programs that focus on the main health conditions that I have suffered from and have been able to overcome using detoxification: 

1.   Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia Program

2.   Fatty Liver Detox Program

And by following these Natural Detox Programs, I have been able to lose weight naturally and healthily without starving myself or depriving myself of delicious healthy food!  (The Fatty Live Detox Program was especially helpful for losing weight.  I developed a Fatty Liver from the constant yo-yo dieting, but even if you don't have a Fatty Liver, living in this modern day toxic world has compromised most people's liver function and this detox program is fantastic for supporting and improving liver function.  For years my liver enzymes were extremely elevated and by following this program, I was able to cut my liver enzymes in half!  My doctor was very impressed!)

Want to learn more?

Why not click on the link above that corresponds to your personal health problems to check it out (or click on the ebooks below)…

Fibromyalgia Detox Diet

- OR -

Fatty Liver Detox Diet ebook

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So What is A Detox Program ... and why do it?... 

Years of poor diets as well as environmental toxins can overload your liver and cause many health problems, including weight gain, inflammation and water retention. Check out these programs to see which one is best for you ...

Detox Diet for Fibromyalgia ...

Fatty Liver Detox Program...

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